Sponsor the Carbon Leadership Forum

The Carbon Leadership Forum plays a vital role in embodied carbon research and action, convening professionals, companies, and organizations to share benchmarks and targets, tools and methodologies, learning, programs, connections, and resources of all kinds to dramatically reduce embodied carbon emissions across the building industry.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Brand identity as a company providing leadership to address the challenge of climate change and decarbonization
  • Recognition for corporate leadership in newsletters, resources, webinars, presentations, events Invitation to sponsor-only discussions shaping current and future CLF Initiatives
  • Invitations to sponsor-only updates of research and initiatives (such as SE2050, EC3 tool, LCA practice Guide, EC Benchmark Study, Mass Timber Optimization, Concrete PCR, Buy Clean, Model LCA Specifications, etc.)
  • Opportunities to participate in CLF committees: communications, events, education, leadership board. 

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